Strawberry tree planting and care techniques are simple and effective

Strawberries are a popular fruit. With the need to use clean products today, how to grow strawberries at home is essential for everyone. Here, with learn how to grow strawberries!

learn strawberry planting techniques
Strawberry planting techniques and strawberry care (Photo: Internet)


What to prepare?

Strawberry planting techniques and strawberry care (Photo: Internet)

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What month should we grow strawberries?

What is the best month to grow strawberries? The answer is you can start planting at any time of the year. But the most appropriate time is around April and May every year. At this time the weather started to stop cold, turning to summer. There is plenty of sunshine and warmth, and the conditions are good for the strawberries to grow.

After planting, about 2 months later, you should be able to harvest the ripe strawberries.

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Strawberry variety

Which strawberry variety should I grow?

With strawberries, you can choose whether to plant from seeds or from seedlings. However, planting with seeds requires more time and care also needs more meticulousness. If you are planting for the first time, it is better to choose to buy seedlings. It will reduce the effort of taking care of and ensure that the plant can thrive.

The seedling price is about 3,5$ / tree, and the seed price is about 1,2$ / bag (about 30 seeds). You can buy them at the online tree shop, or to buy crops at the hospital.

Note that if you choose seedlings, you should choose plants about 10 – 15cm tall. Choose healthy plants, free from pests and diseases, and grow evenly.

There are many varieties of strawberries around the world, but the 3 below are considered popular. You can choose according to your purpose.

  • June-bearing: This type produces fruit harvested mainly in June. However, it does require large ground area for root development. So this type is not suitable for growing at home.
  • Everbearing: This type produces fruit almost all year round. Even during growth, the tree still bears fruit. Harvesting time is from spring, and from late summer to autumn.
  • Day Neutral: This is an Everbearing hybrid. If Everbearing type has only 2 harvest seasons, Day Neutral will continuously harvest from summer until the end of autumn.
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Planting location

Where should we grow strawberries?

Characteristics of the plant Strawberries are hygroscopic, and very poor in drought tolerance. The best temperature for plants to grow is between 7 – 30 degrees Celsius.

You should choose pots in a well-ventilated, well-lit place. If you place the plant in a place with a lack of light, the leaves will gradually yellow and bear fruit. Should choose a place with plenty of light, but the lighting time should not exceed 12 hours / day. Note that the tree should not be placed in a bright light at night because this will grow green but not give fruit or very slowly bear fruit.

The best placement is on a covered terrace, or at your windows or balcony. The place is sunny during the day, but at night it’s quiet – no light. If you are planting outdoors, you can place it under the canopy of large trees to reduce the amount of sunlight during the day. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, leading to drought and lack of water.

Choose a pot

If your family has a lot of space, you can choose traditional plant pots, or put in foam pots. If your family has a narrow space, or uses a window plant or a partner, you can choose hanging pots. Should choose hanging pots with many small holes.

Strawberry pots are similar to stone lotus pots, you must pay attention to the drainage side. Drain hole is required in the bottom, or around. If you are choosing pots that are too small, you will need to water more often.

Light-colored pots should be selected. Because it will help the plant to be cooler than a dark pot (dark material will absorb heat more strongly than light material).

Land for planting

The best strawberry soil should have such elements as organic soil, or maybe a light rich soil that is rich in nutrients, clean and well kept moist and drained.

Should choose soil that is loose and easy to drain water (Photo: Internet)
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Cultivation techniques

How to grow and care for strawberries?

If planting by sowing seeds, you need to incubate the seeds before you start planting. First of all, put the soil in the pot, beat it until it is porous, then sprout the seeds. Cover the pot with some straw or a dry plant.

After you have fully prepared the pots to plant vegetables, the soil and the seeds are incubated, you will begin sowing. Sow seeds in pots with even spacing between seeds, you can divide beds so that plants can grow better. Place the pot in a cool, dry place with enough sunlight away from direct sunlight. Water regularly early morning and evening, water just enough moisture for plants.

Take care of trees

In order for strawberry plants to grow strong and stable in the first stage, remove the first flower cluster to enhance growth and inhibit the next flowering plant will give higher efficiency. Strawberry pots should be placed at a temperature from 7 – 30 degrees. You should also choose a cool, well-lit location for the plant to grow. However, it should be noted, the lighting time for strawberries is no more than 12 hours / day, at night, not leaving the tree near the light will make the tree grow fast but not bear fruit.

In the early morning or afternoon sun off, you water the soil to keep the soil moist and help the plant grow well. For seeds you can water the rice very well. For growing strawberries with seedlings, you can also water the rice until the plant is rooted (about a week).

How to split branches to plant new pots

During development, strawberries not only flower and fruit, it also branches when the plant is fully loaded. Especially, when the branch grows well and grows long, it will take root and create new plants. In this case you will need to separate to create a new pot.

Note, you need to wait for the branch to develop for about a week, the roots are deep, can be independent, without nutrition from the mother plant to begin branching into a new pot. Or, if the strawberry pot is large, leave the twigs on the same parent plant. When the seedlings flower, the fruit you care for is like the mother tree. Absolutely do not hit the tree at this time because it may cause the tree to slip.

Pests and diseases cause harm

To limit the situation of plants being pests and easy to monitor, it is necessary to prune the leaves when the plant grows thick leaves or separate the young plants into new pots. When plants flower, you need to pay attention to destroy ants, insects because they attack to eat flowers and fruits very quickly. Ideally, you should point the fruit out of the pot, the fruit just grows evenly, and you can keep an eye on the insects that eat the fruit. You can also protect the tree by covering the trellis to keep out birds or dogs or cats.

Fruit rot caused by Phytophthora cactorum
Fruit rot is caused by Phytophthora cactorum (Image: Internet)

Water the tree

Use water usually in the afternoon when the sun is off, water the soil very moist, if your soil is poorly moisturized, water 1 more times in the morning. It is possible to make use of the water to irrigate the rice plants, and the rice water will ferment in the soil to help plants grow well. However, only water rice if the crop is 1 week. Do not water when the plant is not rooted.


– Use fertilizer available at agricultural supplies stores. – Use composted chicken manure mixed with the soil in a moderate amount, do not overdo it because it will cause heat and plant death. – Do not fertilize that has not been composted because there are many bacteria, which can easily cause the tree to fall and become damaged.

Above are instructions on how to grow strawberries and how to care for them. Good luck!

Frequently asked questions?

What are the diseases in the strawberry tree?

The most common strawberry diseases.
White powder disease: (Sphaerotheca macularis
Rubber disease: Fruit rot caused by Phytophthora cactorum.
Black spot disease (Colletotrichum acutatum)
Gray mold disease: Fruit rot caused by Botrytis cinerea.
Strawberry root rot disease.
Red Spider: Tetranycus Urticae.

Strawberry trees care in hot climates?

Strawberries are a humid plant that only needs one sun. But place the strawberries where they can get the most sunlight.
Water the plant twice a day in the early morning and late afternoon. Water evenly so that the soil is wet enough, use clean water to avoid water sources that can easily cause pests and diseases, do not water a lot of water to make the soil waterlogged and dead trees.
When transferring strawberries from the nursery tray to a pot or bed for planting, there will be some wilting due to broken roots. Trees should be shaded for the first 2-3 days from the day the plant was moved to a pot or bed
Regularly plow the soil so that the soil is loosened and ventilated.
In order for the strawberry tree to grow strong and stable in the early stages, we should remove the first cluster of bald flowers to enhance the growth of the plant.
During the harvest stage, to get the fruit evenly large, we should balance the development ability of the canopy and the number of flowers and fruits on the tree. If buds, flowers and fruits are abundant, it is necessary to prune deformed buds, flowers, fruits and pests. Regularly prune old and deep leaves so that the plant has enough nutrients to grow.
During the time of plant growth and development, attention should be paid to regularly fertilizing to supplement nutrients for plants.

Should strawberries be grown in a foam bin?

Styrofoam boxes chosen for growing strawberries at home should be 12 to 15 cm in size to ensure that the plant can grow well, a tank with a size of 20cm is ideal.

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Strawberry tree planting and care techniques are simple and effective
Strawberry tree planting and care techniques are simple and effective
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