How to plant an apricot in a pot at your home

How to plant an apricot in a pot at your home

How to plant an apricot in a pot at your home

The snow white plum tree is also known as the thousand-star flower, the celestial horse, the scent or serissa foetida in Japan. This is a small subtropical bonsai tree with small white flowers that appear from spring to summer. This flower tree is very popular in Vietnam. You also want to own a tree but don’t know how. Join to learn how to plant snowflake in a pot at your home!



Apricot is evergreen or semi-evergreen with smooth, green oval leaves. The foliage and roots have an unpleasant odor if damaged. Except for its lovely flowers, the apricot tree is prized for its fine branching and rough gray bark. Snowflake is not easy to care for and is more suitable for experienced growers as it is very sensitive to changes in location and temperature. The exact name of this plant is “Serissa japonica” but most people still use the old name serissa foidaida. The bonsai is not frost-tolerant and needs temperatures between 10 ° C and 20 ° C in winter.

Apricot tree is also used as a bonsai tree for interior and office decoration.
Apricot tree is also used as a bonsai tree for interior and office decoration. (Photo: Internet)
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How to plant

This plant is usually grown by cuttings. However, this breeding is quite difficult for new friends. You can find seedlings at shops that specialize in ornamental plants. Then bring back to plant snowflake in the pot.

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Take care of

Location: Snow white prefers a place that is protected by the sun, outside during the growing season as long as the night temperature stays above 10 ° C. The temperature drops sharply not tolerable. Avoid unnecessary changes of the position of the tree. But from autumn to spring. The apricot tree should be placed indoors or in a greenhouse heated at a temperature between 10 ° C and 20 ° C. The location is as warm as possible. Can use electric lights to assist. Try to provide high humidity.

Snow white flower pots create beautiful bonsai shape (Photo: Internet)
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Keep the roots moist, but at the same time take good care not to flood the plant. It should never dry completely. If the plant is deciduous due to some change in growing conditions, continue with a slight decrease in watering. Apricot blossom is suitable for soil with a neutral pH value (7). When there are no flowers on the plant, you should regularly spray the foliage with lime-free water.

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Apply a small amount of solid organic fertilizer every four weeks or use a low concentration liquid fertilizer every week during the growing season. Use fertilizer with a balanced NPK ratio. In winter, fertilize once a month with a low fertilizer dose if the plants are kept in a warm place.

Organic fertilizer NPK is very good for growing Snow White trees (Photo: Internet)
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Trimming and wiring

The apricot tree withstands stiff pruning should be done in early spring, if necessary. Young plants are pruned back to 2 leaves when the buds have produced 4-5 leaves. Older plants are pruned less when they flower, but pruned carefully after flowering. Every two or three years, the branches must be cut back to old wood to keep the tree shape compact. Branches and buds can be connected at any time, but they are delicate and must be very carefully wired. Remove the cord after about six months before cutting the bark.

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Pests and diseases

Aphids, aphids, or spiders can attack the snowflake plants. Use a specific insecticide and try to increase moisture. Flooded water or poor soil can cause root rot. Then cut off the damaged roots and plant in fresh, well-drained soil. Try to improve the conditions for your plants.

Above are some shares about how to plant snowflake in your home pot. Wish you have a beautiful bonsai pot.

Frequently asked questions?

The meaning of Bach Tuyet Mai In feng shui

Bach Tuyet Mai is an ornamental flower plant with a simple beauty, not too special in flower color. Very suitable in the bonsai scene with simple planting techniques, malleable. Shrub, branched many. The tree gives a lot of white flowers, small and also quite long-lasting. The flowering season usually begins in November and ends in April. The inflorescence is spherical at the tip of the branch and is about 1.3 cm in diameter with a tubular body. Petals divide 4 – 6 lobes. In addition to being beautiful, the Bach Tuyet Mai tree has the meaning of prosperity, luck, and honors the luxury and nobility of the homeowner. Especially able to grow well under normal conditions.

Bach Tuyet Mai tree is suitable for destiny (network), what age is it?

Bach Tuyet Mai tree according to feng shui will be most suitable for people of destiny Kim. Because the destiny Kim will suit white, yellow and brown. Therefore, the destined Kim will be very suitable when choosing Bach Tuyet Mai for his home.
In addition, Bach Tuyet Mai tree is white, so it will be destined to Moc. Next is destiny Tho. Although the white color of Bach Tuyet Mai flower does not destroy Tho. However, this color will cause the Earth’s destiny to go down. It can cause property to be lost or diseases such as mild cold, fever, … like red, orange, purple, yellow. And note should use these colors more than white to bring more luck and health to family members.

When should I repot?

Every 2-3 years at the end of spring with 50% soil, 20% peat and 30% big sand.

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