How to squeeze dried flowers at home and use dried flowers

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Nature has given mankind beautiful flowers, and we give those flowers to each other with so many profound meanings. In order to preserve those moments and emotions, many people have tried to squeeze the petals dry. Let learn some ways to squeeze dried flowers and how to make dried flowers at home, discover what they can be used for.


Choose a suitable dried flower pressed flower

Normally, when pressing dried flowers, people often choose thin petals because they are easy to press and quickly succeed. If you want to use dried flowers to decorate a book or make a picture of dried flowers, thin petals are your number one choice. And thin petals are also easy to maintain beautiful colors even though dried, such as salem, lentil, chrysanthemum,… The color of these flowers usually does not change much.

How to squeeze dried flowers at home and Use dried flowers for many purposes in life

Besides, thick petals can still be pressed, but it is more difficult to squeeze the whole flower, and it is easier to press the petals otherwise. For example, thick petals are difficult to press and not beautiful because the petals are thick, many petals are pressed, so when pressed, the petals are easy to fall, the flowers do not dry thoroughly, the wings are easy to darken. Often roses are discolored after drying.

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Methods of pressing dried flowers

How to squeeze dried flowers naturally Fresh flowers, tied up, hung upside down in the bathroom. Spray hairspray to wet all the flowers. Flowers will slowly dry in an environment where there is always water vapor and retain a pretty color when dry.

Or you can dry the flowers as well. Sort the flowers you want to dry. Each flower should be divided into separate groups. Hanging up: Ideally the place to hang is where the following conditions are: Dark, or with as little light as possible. Dry and well ventilated, this is very important. The time to dry is usually 3 to 5 weeks depending on the type of flower. When the flowers are completely dry, spray them with hairspray to keep the shape and color.

Suitable flowers: lavender, non-bird nest, immortal chrysanthemum, mugwort and herbs.

Use the microwave Instead of spending a few weeks for the flowers to dry naturally, with the microwave, these three jobs will shorten to a few minutes

First, spread a layer of cat’s litter on top of a special microwave oven cup. Sanitary sand with high moisture absorption combined with the temperature in the oven will help the flowers dry quickly. Then, place the flower on top (just a few stems, don’t overdo it) and spread a layer of sand that completely covers the flower’s surface. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes. If the flowers are not yet dry, you can add them and dry for another 1 minute. Take the flowers out, wait to cool, then gently brush off the sand on the flowers, spray a layer of hairspray on the flowers to shape and preserve the flowers for longer.

Suitable flower: flowers with many petals, flower surface does not have many feathers such as sunflower, chrysanthemum, marigold …

Use silica gel Colloidal Silica is an excellent desiccant it can hold 40% moisture content and is reusable. The way to do this is to place the flowers in a box, fill the flowers with silica gel, pay attention that the box must be sealed and must be in the dark for a few days to a week.

Each flower has a different thickness and drying time, you need to classify them into separate vases for uniform quality.

This method of pressing dried flowers is suitable: durable flowers such as chrysanthemum or pink, sturdy species like dahlia, peony …

Make the flowers dry gradually Pour a little water into the vase, slowly evaporate the water, but the flower remains color only dries. This is a method that can still keep the color of the flower dry well, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

Suitable flower: chrysanthemum and hydrangeas.

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Use dried flowers

Once dried, the dried flowers can be used for a variety of purposes:

Making dried flower candles: Place dried flowers on white candle wax, then use a spoon that is heated by fire to rub the dried flowers to help them penetrate the candle. After decorating the dried flowers for the candle, use scissors to cut off the excess body to get the candle wax neatly.

Attach to photo albums, photo frames, make wall paintings.

Application in interior decoration.

Interior decoration trends from dried flowers

Making phone cases, key chains.

Relieve stress and depression: put dried petals in a cloth bag, add a few drops of rose oil to help you relax very well.

It can be seen that the dried petals also have many uses that are not inferior to the fresh flowers, right? If you receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from someone, you can use the methods above to dry the petals to preserve them for a longer time. And do not forget to use dried flowers in everyday life to see clearly the use of dried petals like that.

Above is How to squeeze dried flowers and its applications, you have a better way to squeeze flowers, please share with the community by leaving comments below.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the effect of dried lavender flowers?

Lavender not only works to treat acne, but can also fade scars.
Lavender (Lavandula) is native to the Mediterranean region, and is used by the Romans as a fragrance for clothes and bath water. The people of Provence, the south of France, in the Middle Ages used lavender in perfumes and medicinal recipes. But it was not until the 19th century that lavender was widely cultivated. Today, people use lavender for health in the form of water, essential oils or soft capsules to prevent influenza, acne, soothe and help heal scars.

What are popular dried flower teas?

Dried flower tea is simply tea made from flowers in nature. These include chrysanthemums, jasmine, flowers, roses, lavender buds … These flowers after harvest will be cleaned, dried or dried and stored in bags and jars. Each type of flower tea has a different taste and different uses.
Introducing some of the popular dried flower teas and their uses. Refer together and choose the tea that best suits you, will you?
Jasmine tea
Lavender tea buds
Rose tea
Chrysanthemum tea

How long do flowers last?

Dried flowers have a very long lifespan, the average life expectancy of dried flowers is from 3 to 5 years. There are many types of flowers that can last up to 10 years or even longer with good care and preservation.

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